So Unspoken will be out in forty-eight days, and you guys have not seen the UK cover yet! But now comes the time for me to SHOW IT TO YOU.

Whose fault is the delay, dear readers? Mine. I was a horrorshow about this cover. Thank you, Simon & Schuster UK, for bearing with me: they gave me a photoshoot (SO FANCY! I am so not deserving) so we could have a shot with a girl who looks like Kami with a boy who looks like Jared, they bore with me going ‘brighter! More! Different hair? What if we…’

They bore with EVERYTHING. We went through at least ten versions of this cover. And here it is, indisputably the most beautiful, for your viewing pleasure!


I hope you like it!

I have also taken a screenshot of the WHOLE LAYOUT for those curious