This Is the Maddest Merriest Day Of All the Glad New Year

So it is my birthday – another step towards fabulous old-lady sleuthdom! Last year I spent my birthday with my best friend in Japan, this year I spend it in New England Chez Black. I have good luck with birthdays.

The Smart Chicks tour was lots of fun, and to everyone who came: thank you! I now miss the other Smart Chicks authors, though. So many stories! So many excellent people! I do feel this picture sums up my behaviour on the tour however.

SRB: Muahaha! I have the microphone! Nobody shall take it away from me! I feel so gleeful! And so evil. I feel so gleevil!
HOLLY BLACK: Ahahaha, what is she saying? She is raving. Maybe she will eat the microphone next!
CASSANDRA CLARE: I do not even know what to say. 😐

Or possibly my behaviour is summed up as follows: How I Shamed The Smart Chicks Forever

In other news, YA Book Reads are having a Sarah Rees Brennan week. That’s me, y’all! I feel fancy.

And now for something completely different: what will be on the back (well, on the inside cover, but on the back if it wasn’t a hardback) of the third Demon’s Lexicon book.

The Demon’s Surrender US flap copy