In My Homeland of Eire, and Fair England

I promised to blog more. 😉 This is actually quite a boring post about the stuff I will be doing for the rest of October.

Kildare Street
Friday, October 14, 5:30 pm to 7:00pm

Panel on YA Dystopia with Ilsa J. Bick and Peadar Guinan. (Sarah Subtitle: Talking about my plans to hook up with a warlord if civilisation as we know it is destroyed. If civilisation as we know it is destroyed by zombies, hook up with a zombie warlord.)


Saturday 15 October-Sunday 16th October
Camden Court Hotel, Camden Street, Dublin 2

Panels of many sorts!
11:00 Learning From other Creators (Sarah Subtitle: How I Shamelessly Take Advantage Of My Friends, Especially Holly Black, the Book Whisperer, And Also Crib Advice From Dead Guys.)
15:00 “Women in Scifi/fantasy/comics panels” – Are they still needed? (Sarah Subtitle: Are men still needed? Couldn’t they be in the kitchen… baking me a pie? I love pie.)
16:00 Maintaining an online community (Sarah Subtitle: Hey you guys! I’m going to be talking about you guys.)
16:00 writing for kids is easy


October 26:
Foyle’s 1-3 pm
113-119 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EB

October 27: Dublin: 6pm
Easons: 40 Lower O’Connell Street
Phone 01 858 3800
THIS IS A TICKETED EVENT! Please secure tickets by clicking and following the instructions or paste in the URL below.

As aforesaid, these are events for Cassandra Clare, and I will be there for the purpose of teasing the redheaded moppet asking her very appropriate and insightful questions. Ahem. But I will be there, should you a) wish me to ask Cassie an appropriate and insightful question for you! b) want me to sign something or c) wish to collect the first few chapters of Unspoken, which I will be giving out.

For my edits of Unspoken are handed in, which is a very pleasing thing! Never has my ass been so kicked as regards edits, which is also a very pleasing thing, because with luck it means the product will be commensurately awesome. And it means I feel a step closer to getting the book to you all. I am now in the midst of rewriting bits of the sequel, Unbound, to make it fit for my editor’s eyes, and I am going to start blogging on Gothics and Lady Sleuths soon. I am so freaking excited for people to meet Kami and Jared and Angela and Holly and Ash. I cannot even say.

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